The 1st International RNJ – The Gift of Golf Foundation Day

Sue and I went to Australia to visit a very ill relative, another lovely lady named Sue. We made it just in time as she sadly died a week or so after our return. Just prior to leaving I had a thought: Could we set up a Foundation Day in Australia whilst we were there? Our trip was only two weeks, and we had commitments one weekend, so time would be tight.

I kept this idea to myself, I had secretly got medals made and these together with the certificates were hidden away in my luggage. What a surprise this would be for Sue – I thought!

HomeFresh Experience

So, with arrival on Friday, I had warmed another cousin of mine up with my hope of arranging a Foundation Day. Sunday evening came and we visited Di, a principal at a local school.

From there the Day was planned and delivered in just 9 days. The Foundation Day formula works, even down under. Whilst walking in one of the local shopping malls, I saw this unit named HomeFresh.

Each time you went past all you saw was a couple of people preparing food. This sparked my interest so I went to find out more.

The HomeFresh Experience was two-fold:
1/ They prepared freshly cooked meals 6 for $15 AUS for elderly people or people who are on their own.
2/ They held group classes to learn how to cook and prepare a meal.

I started thinking: what if this could become part of the Foundation Day? How amazing would that be for the children?

So a slight replan happened and HomeFresh became the healthy replacement to a trip to MacDonalds!

9 Days Later – The Day Arrived

Tea Tree Gully GC

A local community is linked
Tea Tree Gully Primary School meets
Tea Tree Gully Golf Club, Adelaide, Australia

A big thanks to Shane Baxter, golfing professional, for some great tuition for the children.

No RNJ caps this time as I had not brought them along, but each child had their own sun protecting hat as part of the school uniform. The amazing Adelaide weather meant the children could do their warm-up exercises sat on the grass – no damp bottoms as a result! – but also meant lots of water was needed to keep hydrated.

Well, the girls really showed the boys how to putt, a little competition Shane had arranged proved it. The two closest to the hole, and nearly going in, were from the girls. Come on the boys!

Off to the driving range, still hot but shaded fortunately. Getting an understanding of how dangerous swinging golf clubs can be was highlighted when Mr Ryan nearly got hit in the face.

A Cooking Experience Lies Ahead


After the golf, it was off to HomeFresh a short drive away. Once there Stephen, the owner of the HomeFresh idea, took all the children into an adjacent supermarket.

He then gave them shopping tasks, with some kids looking for the vegetables, some having to find the sauces and others the fruit.

Stephen then gave the children some background information and a little test on the different types of meat. Chicken was eventually chosen for this recipe.

Once the children had scanned all the products through the self-service tills it was back to the unit to prepare and cook the food. Instructions were given on how to safely peel potatoes and carrots, how to make bread sauce and then coat the meat.

Whilst the meat was cooking the children were tasked with creating a dessert. This is where some artistic flares were seen – or not in some cases!

All cooked and prepared it was time to sample the fruit of their efforts. The only quiet part of the day!

This was a first for the Foundation, and a first for many of the children, what a magical experience.

So, off for some running around


Wizbang was the final stop.

Here there was a padded play area, mini-golf and Lazer Tag. Split girls versus boys, the girls found themselves two short of a full team.

Up steps mum of two of the boys Fiona and SSO Selby to make up the numbers.

The noise from outside clearly showed that a great time was being had by all. The boys were leading after round one, the girls quickly made up for that in round two.

We presented the children with a certificate and a medal from the Foundation at the end of the day and individual children’s achievements are shared.

A quick interview with the children clearly showed that Lazer Tag was the favourite activity with golf coming second. Was that because Lazer tag had just finished?

Who knows, a great day had by all.

Mums The Word!

Fiona was so positive about the day, with two of her boys attending she was able to share a fair bit in the experience.

Some of her thoughts posted following the event:
Today was such a lovely day for me and my boys. While I’m now cancer-free not everyone gets that option. They loved the golf and the special lunch! And I enjoyed playing laser tag with the kids!

And following watching the video of the day:
This made me cry! The best part was Coreys good golf shot showcased! He needs that kind of recognition! Thanks so much !! All the kids did so well and had a lot of fun!
Can’t wait to show them in the morning.

Since the Foundation Day, a few of the children now attend regular cooking classes with HomeFresh and Tea Tree Gulley Primary school have introduced golf into their physical education programme. We are hopeful that some of the children will be growing their love of the game by being junior members of Tea Tree Gulley Golf Club!

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