A Foundation Day out with the 9 – 11 year olds

Following our Foundation Days with the teenagers we approached St Johns Primary School, a different age group of children, to organise a Foundation Day. Could the Day have as much impact on the younger children? The enthusiasm of the school head and teachers was once again incredible.

They were grateful to be considered for inclusion in a Foundation Day, we were grateful for their interest, a wonderful coming together of appreciation. So a date was agreed and the preparation could begin.

Following the formula of our first day, and in true Project Management style, introducing lessons learnt to improve certain elements the day was arranged. The process is really quite easy, made so by the support of the golf professional and venues.

emanuel & ricki

The children, and teachers, arrived in full Visibility PPE. We quickly changed their fluorescent caps to RNJ caps.

Sue & I gave the children a little introduction about the Charity and Ricki, this prompted Emanuel to ask if he could have his photo taken with the banner of Ricki.

Adam Fairclough, our PGA Teaching Professional introduced himself to the group and gave them a quick run-through of the morning’s activities.

Off to the Range

Fun on the Range

Pedham Place had kindly offered to host the golf element of the day. Pedham Place Golf Centre was key to the first RNJ – The Gift of Golf Day being such a great success, true bonds were created.

Half the children were directed to the Driving Range, the others to the putting green. Adam had arranged some great drills to help the children not only in having fun but also learning the fundamentals of golf.

From a group of very quiet children, the characters of each child started to shine through. Their confidence grew minute by minute. Some were naturals, they picked up the challenges very quickly, the children started helping each other, getting balls, explaining their understanding of the task in hand.

It was great to see.

At the end of each session there was a little competition, those on the driving range, with the help of TOPTRACER, aimed for the longest distance. Those putting were more focused on how many putts to get the ball in the hole.

Off to FlipOut – use up some energy

FlipOut soft play area

In the afternoon we attended FlipOut, a trampoline park. Here the children were able to run around and let off some steam. The safe environment of this type of facility is ideal.

Next it is PuttShack

A hole in one

We then went to PuttShack, an indoor Mini Golf experience. The children were able to put their newly learnt putting skills to the test.
The coaching obviously worked with a fair number of hole-in-ones being celebrated around the course!
Mrs Barron, one of the accompanying teachers, won the best score of all of us. I believe she was more surprised than any of us.


We finished the day with our presentation.
Throughout the day, each child’s achievements are noted, funny things that happen remembered and any nicknames born from the experience recognised.
One of many highlights was young Emanual, now known as “All-swing No-ding”, an amazing almost 360-degree golf swing contributed to this name.

Another very rewarding day had by all thanks to our supporters and donators.

A young lady Sophie, who attended the day, commented to Sue and I about “having never received a medal before, this is my first” and also made the statement “best day ever”. This, I guess, lead to her mother posting on FaceBook that same evening “My daughter Sophie had a fantastic time today, thank you so much!”.

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