Our Mission Statement

To advance in life and relieve the needs of young people through:

  • The provision of recreational and leisure-time activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life.
  • Providing support and activities, which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

We find and we fund

Working with local schools, we explain the origins of the Foundation and highlight the sector of children that is our focus. We focus on vulnerable children, who are currently going through difficult circumstances.

Our partner schools have a Pastoral Support service, which supports students, working with teachers, parents/carers and other specialists. Through that support network, the school selects the children.

Our Foundation Days are fully funded through generous donations from the public, and therefore do not drain any of the school’s precious funds.

We provide professional tuition

Through a network of PGA Golf Professionals, many closely associated with Ricki, we can provide the children with am engaging introduction to golf.

Our coaches develop the children’s self-esteem by providing them coaching in the fundamentals of the game — in both the “long game” and putting.

We aim to build the self-confidence and social skills of the children through working together, sharing equipment, taking turns and encouraging each other. Some have a natural talent even though it’s often their first time.

We offer opportunities

The rest of the day is generally very active, encouraging the children to run around, jump, climb, play chase and just be kids for the day.

We are always considering the safety of the children and the activities take place in a safe and controlled environment, such as a trampoline park.

As the day progresses, we see new friendships form. We break down the social boundaries that usually hold these children back — we aim to fill them with confidence and joy.

HomeFresh Experience

We listen, we see, we share

As hosts, we are always looking out for personal achievements to encourage the children, some so small the child does not realise they are doing them.

Many of the children want to talk about their situations, we as hosts are there to listen. Some children are very private and that is fine as well.

Our days finish with a presentation. Each child is awarded a certificate and a medal for their unique special achievement or contribution to the day.