Will the Big Players Help Us Help the Children?

Learner Kit

Unfortunately, the current situation we all find ourselves in, regardless of where in the world we are, does not support our model of a Foundation Day. The children would normally be encouraged to share equipment, help each other, the Golf Professionals would look to adjust a hand here – a foot there. All is out-of-bounds!

We have decided to look at something different, certainly for the first half of the year. We want to create and distribute Learner Packs for children starting a new school later this year.

The packs would contain the basics all children need: pencils, pens, rulers and of course an eraser. Other items that the schools have advised us that would be beneficial are Glue Stick, Rounded scissors for the young children, Scientific Calculators for the older children.

We will do this at a couple of local schools, we have a connection with the school already and we have enough money raised last year, thanks to our wonderful supporters.

We, however, feel that this would be a great thing to be able to do on a much wider scale.

Think back to your induction day or first day at “big” school.

How did you feel? I know I was apprehensive – the big unknown

Did you have all the required equipment? I was fortunate, youngest of four children, what my parents could not afford new so I had as hand-me-downs, whether they fitted or not.

How would you have felt on your first day if you were the only one in class that did not have all the essentials to start your time at the new school?

Our ask, from you. Do you know anyone who can help us get this idea off the ground for a much wider group of children?
Perhaps a friend or relative works at a pencil manufacturing or distribution centre, someone who works for a Brand name like PrittStick.

How wonderful would it be to give the children a real boost on their first day at school, it may seem like a little thing but the confidence of knowing you have the correct equipment on day-one is massive.

If there is anyone who can help get this idea going, please, contact us at support@rnj-giftofgolf.com and together we can help those that most need it.

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